This State Park In Maine Is So Little Known, You’ll Practically Have It All To Yourself

Life can get too busy sometimes, can’t it? It’s good to get away to a secluded place and take some time with your family or by yourself. You can find what you are looking for at Moose Point State Park. The park is small but offers a place to sit, relax, watch the waves, or go on a short walk. With a natural backdrop like this one, it’s tough to beat, and you may even have it all to yourself.

This small little known and often forgotten state park does have a lot to offer. From the picnic tables to the playground, to the trails, and to the beautiful ocean coastline. You will find seclusion and relaxation at Moose Point State Park. Please note also that there is a fee to enter the park and it is only open from 9 AM to sunset every day from Memorial Day to October 1st. You can enjoy the park during the off-season but you will have to park outside of the gate. So get outside and enjoy this often forgotten but wonderful park.  

Address: Moose Point State Park, 310 W Main St, Searsport, ME 04974, USA