Be On The Lookout For A New Invasive Species Of Spider In Maine This Year

If our readers are anything like us, there’s a good chance you’d rather spend the night with a crocodile than a spider! There’s something about the legs and the swiftness of their movements that has us running from any room in which we find one. But, it might be time to face that fear with the threat of these new invasive spiders in Maine. Scientists have begun warning the eastern seaboard about the Joro spider, a large spider with roots in Asia. They’ve been spotted in Florida and Georgia, but with weather changes, they could be headed north.

Have you seen any of these creepy crawlers in your neck of the woods in Maine? Let us know in the comments so we can make plans not to visit!

Not all bugs are to be feared. In fact, some are downright beautiful. If you agree you’ll want to plan a day trip to Maine’s magical butterfly house!