This 14-Room Bookstore In Maine Is Basically Heaven On Earth

While some parts of Maine are still getting snow – we really do think that warmer weather is on the way! And, with it comes the ability to sit outside drinking a cold drink and enjoying a good book. We all have that never-ending pile of books we want to get through, but that doesn’t mean we don’t constantly add to it. The bookworms out there know this for a fact! So, to add to that growing pile in time for outdoor reading sessions you’ll want to explore this bookstore with so many books they’ve got 14 rooms to house them all!

Harding’s Books is located at 2152 Post Rd., Wells, Maine. They’re open everyday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can check them out online or by calling them on 207-646-8785.

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