These 4 Small Towns Were Once Home To Mainers That Changed The World

Ah, the Pine Tree State… our little slice of New England is positively overflowing with history, beauty, and wonder! But as the first state in the country to see the sunrise every morning, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that a little extra talent shines on Maine as well. Generations of artists, politicians, and small town superheroes have done amazing things for our state, the country, and even the world, and we’re so proud that they were home-grown here. While not a complete list of all the incredible celebrities and famous people from Maine, here are just a few history-makers that you might not have heard about and the beautiful places in Maine that they once called home.

We could go on and on about Maine’s most notable historical figures, but these four have left their mark in nearly every area of history. There’s so much more to learn about them and the places they lived!

For a history trip like no other, check out this unique trolley and rail museum in Maine.

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