This Historic Park Is One Of Maine’s Best Kept Secrets

A state like Maine is full of history. We’ve got aviation history, weird history and even history that involves nature. But we also have lots of history in the form of famous residents. One of the most beloved artists actually made his studio in Maine and, today, you can visit it while you’re in Vacationland. It might not be the first thing on the must-see list for many people, but it’s a wonderful piece of Maine history that’s worth the time. Check it out!

The Winslow Homer Studio Tours are 2.5 hours and must be booked through the Portland Museum of Art through advanced reservations. You can see the home while taking the cliff walk along Prouts Neck, but all official tours depart from and return to Portland via a van from the museum. Learn more about the studio and booking reservations here. Depending on the time of year, tickets range from $50 to $65 for non-members of the museum and $30 to $40 for museum members. Students are $25.

For more Maine history, consider a visit to the state’s oldest town. It’s beautiful and it’s recently seen a resurgence.