Watch A Movie Under The Stars At This Historic Drive-In Theater In Maine

It’s getting to be that time, folks! The time when living in Maine throughout the winter finally pays off and we’re rewarded with sunny, warm weather and lots of outdoor activities! This time of year is also when the summer blockbusters hit the theaters, which means we’re okay with rainy days that allow for some time inside. But, what if you didn’t have to relegate your movie watching just to rainy days? In Maine, you don’t have to! Some of the fondest memories made my Mainers come from spending an evening under the stars enjoying a drive-in movie. Maine has 7 theaters and this one is one of the best!

The Saco Drive-In is located at 969 Portland Rd., Saco, Maine. Learn more about them on their website or by visiting them on Facebook. Give them a call on 207-286-3200.

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