The 8.2-Mile Hike To Reach Maine’s Very Own Grand Canyon Is Worth Every Step

Those looking for hikes to take will never be disappointed in Maine! Between our coastal walks and uphill climbs, there’s a trail for just about everyone. And while it might take a lifetime to explore them all, we’re certainly going to try.

It’s fun to take the simpler routes, winding through trees with little elevation. But we sure do love a challenge. This hike to the state’s own Grand Canyon is a great way to challenge yourself while taking in some of the state’s most impressive sights.

Gulf Hagas is a beautiful place to explore. To see access it you’ll need to go through private land and pay a fee. Right now the fee is $11 for Maine residents and $16 for those from away. You can learn more about the region and how to access Gulf Hagas here. You can learn more about the trail network by visiting Maine Trail Finder. To tackle the trail featured in this article, check out

If you’re interested in other moderate to challenging hikes in the state check out the Precipice Trail. It’s a challenging hike right here in Maine that will make your stomach drop!

Address: Gulf Hagas Trailhead, Katahdin Iron Works Rd, Monson, ME 04464, USA