This Hidden Lagoon In Maine Has Some Of The Bluest Water In The State

There are a lot of places in Maine that get so much attention they attract tourists from all over the world. Places like Acadia National Park as well as the rocky coast are captured in photos so frequently that it’s nearly impossible not to equate them with the state. But if you know Maine intimately you know of her nooks and crannies and that includes the hidden wonders that are, arguably, more beautiful than the well-known ones. This hidden lagoon is a great example.

Rattlesnake Pool can be visited year-round and it offers beauty even when it’s too cold to swim. However, the hike is best between April and October. You can learn more about the lagoon and the hike to find it by visiting Furry puppy friends can come along, but be sure to keep them on a leash at all times.

For more hidden beauty in the state, consider taking a lesser-known hike. Borestone Mountain Base and Peregrine Trail is a gorgeous forest trail in Maine that will take you to a hidden overlook.

Address: Blueberry Mountain, Stoneham, ME 04217, USA