This Rare Footage Of A Maine Amusement Park Will Have You Longing For The Good Old Days

No matter where you live in Maine, we’re willing to bet that you’ve begun to feel that strange change in the air when summer begins to wind down. The days are still warm, but there’s something different in the air before and after work. Maybe it’s as simple as the sun changing position or maybe we just know that the inevitable autumn chill is coming soon.

For me, this almost imperceptible change in season always forces me to check my mental summer to-do list. Did I get to the lake enough? Did I sit back and appreciate the Maine summer breezes properly? Should I have made more time for beach days? I surely did all of these things, but I always end up scrambling to fit in just a few more summer activities as things wind down. Part of that is my annual trip to Old Orchard Beach and Palace Playland.

Thanks to Dreamlike Pictures for this video, The Old Amusement Park, which you can find on Vimeo.

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