The Rare Natural Phenomenon In Maine That Will Go Down In History

You’ve probably been hearing quite a bit about the rare celestial event that’s going to take place across America this August. While we’ve had the opportunity to see some lunar eclipses in the last few years, a total solar eclipse has not been seen since June 8th, 1918. A total solar eclipse takes place when the moon completely blocks the face of the sun for a few minutes. This creates a rare chance for those on earth to see the white of the sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona, with the naked eye. Maine isn’t in the path of totality, but don’t despair! The end of this article will provide a bit of good news if you’re planning on being in the state in the year 2024.

For more information on what Maine can expect during the August 21st, 2017 total solar eclipse click here for a wonderful website from University of Southern Maine. For some information on how to most safely view a total social eclipse click here. And, for some cool information on all things total solar eclipse from NASA, click here!