Your Kids Will Love This Easy 2-Mile Waterfall Hike Right Here In Maine

Parts of Maine are known for their rugged-nature and steep mountain summits. There’s a reason why the Maine portion of the Appalachian Trail is considered one of the hardest of the entire 2,181 mile route. But, we want to make sure people realize that much of Maine is perfectly accessible to those who aren’t necessarily looking to set any records. In fact, many of the easiest trails are also among the most beautiful. This easy hike to a waterfall in Maine is a great example.

You can learn more about Vaughan Woods on their website or through this article we wrote last year.

Another easy hike to take in Maine is, this one, through the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells. It’s beautiful any time of year, but you can’t beat the views on a crisp, autumn day.