This One Destination Has The Absolute Bluest Water In Maine

There are so many amazing natural places in Maine; there’s truly never a shortage of spots to enjoy on a beautiful day. But, after some time, even the most dedicated outdoorsman can begin to feel bored. Head to the same lakes and trails too often and you might forget all that Vacationland has to offer. Sometimes you need to shake it up and that’s why we’ve been trying to find some spots that offer great outdoor fun, but with something a bit special. We didn’t have to look far for this one. It’s one of our favorites and if you’re a longtime reader, you’ll definitely remember it. For some of the bluest water in Maine, check out the Rattlesnake Pool in Evans Notch.

Disclaimer: One thing we’d like to point out is that areas like these are some of the most pristine for a reason. They are relatively untouched. So, if you choose to visit, remember to be extremely mindful of the natural surroundings. Think about bringing in a small bag to carry out your own trash, or even better, bring out any trash you find along the way. We are firm believers that Maine’s natural places are for everyone to enjoy – not just the select few who have found them. But, try not to lead 10 of your non-nature loving friends in if they tend to be messy. Now! Onto the beauty!

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