US 1 In Maine Was Recently Named The Deadliest Highway In The State

We all know that driving through Maine is a great way to see the state. And if you’ve been reading for a while you know that some of our favorite articles are road trips we’ve created through the various parts of Maine. While we want everyone to get out and explore, it’s important to remember that driving even in nice weather can be dangerous here. In fact, one of our most beautiful roadways was recently named the most dangerous in Maine.

There have been 20 crashes, 2 fatalities and 6 injuries on Portland Road, Willis Park Road, Sandy Creek Road in Bridgton. Broadway, Hobart Street and Broadway, Burleigh Road, and Griffin Road in Bangor have seen 33 crashes, 1 fatality and 13 injuries. And, in Lewiston, there have been 33 crashes, 1 fatality and 9 injuries on Old Greene Road, Randall Road, and Sabattus Street.

Now that we’ve reminded you to be careful when driving, hop in the car and head out to explore these 10 beautiful byways in Maine. They’re perfect for a scenic drive!

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