There’s Almost Nothing In Life A Day On Maine’s Lake St. George Can’t Cure

The lake will always bring a peaceful joy to it. The sound of the loons, the quiet and peaceful lapping of water on the shore, and the rhythm of the lake itself all provide a calming presence. To put into words the feeling you get while spending time at a lake is something many people have written poems about. If you have been then you know the joy that can come from being on the water. Lake St. George is a perfect example of a place you go to let the stress roll off you and relax.

Whatever ails you, Lake St. George has the cure. Allow the slower pace, the peace, and the calming effects of the lake to take you away and bring you some much-needed clarity. Lake St. George is a state park so please visit the website for any information you need. But remember, there is nothing a day at Lake St. George can not cure.

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Address: St. George Lake, St George Lake, Liberty, ME 04949, USA