The Water Is A Brilliant Blue At Coos Canyon, A Refreshing Roadside Stop In Maine

Road trips through Maine are one of the best ways to truly soak in the state. From forest to mountains to coastal wonders, there’s so much to love about Maine that we often find ourselves on long drives to nowhere just to appreciate it all. One of the reasons this is so easy is that there are wonderful places to pull off the road to explore without putting in much effort. This stop, off of Route 17, is one of the best!


To see more about what a visit to Coos Canyon looks like check out this Maine Tourism video:

Coos Canyon can be visited year-round, but if you plan on swimming we recommend the summer. And if you’re looking for more waterfalls that can be seen without much effort, we have just the thing! Here are 5 gorgeous Maine waterfalls hiding in plain sight with no hiking required.

Address: Coos Canyon, Byron, ME 04275, USA