Maine Is Home To Some Of The Cleanest, Most Crisp Air In America

The air in Maine is so clean and pure that one company wants to sell it to the masses.

According to the American Lung Association’s recent air quality report, Bangor, Maine has some of the cleanest air of all American cities. It has some of the lowest levels of urban air pollution found across the entire country.

The company interested in bottling and selling Maine’s crisp air is Canadian outfit Vitality Air. They got their start selling eight-liter cans of fresh air from Banff National Park on eBay. After the company expanded internationally, the demand for quality bottled air was apparently so great that Vitality Air’s China website crashed several times.

Now, they’re eyeing Maine as their next source of pure air. A single can of Vitality Air’s other clean air costs $28.99 plus shipping, and contains about 150-200 breaths of air.

Of course, Maine residents can happily breathe a deep sigh of relief that their fantastic air can be had for free by simply opening a window.

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