Bullfrog Adventures Tubing Trips In Maine Are Officially Open And Here’s What You Need To Know

While out-of-state visitors consider Maine’s coast to be the best way to enjoy the water, we know that some of the most fantastic refreshment exists inland. Whether it’s a visit to a lake, a paddle down the river, or a dip in a local pond, there are plenty of ways to cool down without heading to the ocean. One of them is a tubing trip and this outfitter offers some great adventures! There’s nothing better than river tubing in Maine.

For more information about various rafting options, hours, and prices, visit this company’s official website.

While we love inland fun, we can’t deny that the coast does offer a great time and Palace Playland is a beachfront attraction in Maine you’ll want to visit over and over again.

Address: Bullfrog Adventures, B#65 745, US-201, Caratunk, ME 04925, USA
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River Tubing in Maine

June 04, 2022

I also love hiking. Are there any good places to go hiking near Bullfrog Adventures?

Sure! This area is pretty rural. That means there are dozens of great hikes nearby. If you don’t want to camp in Bullfrog Adventures’ campground, you might consider staying in Bingham, a small town just 20 minutes away. There are even three scenic hiking trails nearby that are just waiting to be explored.

Bullfrog Adventures looks great, but where else can I go river tubing in Maine? I want to go somewhere different every weekend of the summer!

Fortunately, that’s easy to do in Maine. There are so many different rivers in this state, so it’s easy to find great float trips in Maine. Check out our list of tubing adventures you can take all over the state.

What about swimming holes? Where can I find some good swimming holes in Maine?

Maine is also full of swimming holes! You could go to a different one every day all summer and still have so many left to try. Some require a hike, but others can be reached by car. Many of Maine’s swimming holes even include waterfalls. You’ll love swimming in Maine this summer.

Tubing with Bullfrog Adventures sounds lovely, but I think I’d rather be on an actual boat. Can you recommend some boat trips in Maine that I can take this summer?

Sure! As you can see, so many things in Maine revolve around the water, so it’s no surprise that there are many outfitters offering boat trips of all kinds as well. Check out our list of great boat adventures to consider, and then book a trip or two today!

Address: Bullfrog Adventures, B#65 745, US-201, Caratunk, ME 04925, USA