This Bizarre Attraction In Maine Will Leave You Scratching Your Head In Wonder

Only in Maine has brought you some strange places. From a gigantic wooden fisherman that once held a can of sardines to a candy shop housing the world’s largest chocolate moose, this state has no shortage of oddities. But, while the existence of these attractions might make you wonder who spent the time creating it, some sights in Maine will actually make you question science. One such place in Maine is Bubble Mountain and, more specifically, Bubble Rock.

On your way down, you can make things a bit more exciting by taking a different route back. Keep walking along the South Bubble Trail headed towards Jordan Pond. You’ll find that this area of the trail is a bit more wild than the rest. Be prepared for some rock scrambling and areas where you’ll need to lift yourself downwards.

Once you’ve reached the bottom, you’ll find the Jordan Pond Trail running alongside the lake. Note that you’re not allowed to swim here, so don’t plan on a big jump in! Once you’ve reached the trail, you’ll have the option to head left (east) to take the Jordon Pond Carry Trail back to the parking lot. Another option is take the scenic route, which is also a bit longer. For this, head right (west) to walk along a larger area of Jordon Pond. Then, take the Bubbles Divide Trail back.

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