Don’t Miss The 9 Best Stargazing Events That Will Light Up The Maine Sky In 2022

There’s plenty of nature surrounding us here in Maine, which makes this a great place to be if you enjoy being outside. And that makes it easy to give you great hike ideas and ways to enjoy your time across all seasons. And while we love the trees and shoreline, today we’re focused on the sky above! Get out your calendar to mark down the best celestial events taking place over the next few months!

Which events are you going to make sure to catch? And, even more important, if you have any tips for stargazing let us know in the comments! Looking for more fun night sky things to see? Check out!

In addition to planning your stargazing for the year, consider creating a hiking plan! Here is a small collection of some of our favorite hikes to do in Maine.

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Celestial Events in Maine

November 01, 2021

Where can I go stargazing in Maine?  

Maine is a wonderful place for stargazing! Essentially, you’re going to want to go somewhere away from city lights where you can get a clear view of the dark sky. Allow your eyes to adjust to the dark for about twenty to thirty minutes, and enjoy! Some of our favorite places throughout Maine to go stargazing include Moosehead Lake, which isn’t just the best place for it in Maine – it might be the best in the entire country! Cadillac Mountain is another great one; it’s open 24/7, with the exception of times when the weather is particularly bad. We’re also big fans of Katahdin Woods and Waters, which is also some of the best stargazing country in the nation, if not the world. Stargazers will find that Maine is a special kind of place – it’s ideal for gazing into the night sky. There’s nothing quite as amazing as looking into the heavens and seeing a field of stars so dense that it looks like it’s four-dimensional. Absolutely amazing! 

What are some interesting things to do in Maine?  

Well, first and foremost, if you’ve never been to Acadia National Park, you definitely need to. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and from the moment you arrive, you’ll understand why it’s Maine’s top “must-see” destination. A visit to Bug Light Park is also great, especially if you’re a lighthouse fan; the beautiful Portland Breakwater Light is a majestic sight even if you’re not a big lighthouse person. And, if you are, you’ll also want to check out the Pemaquid Point Light and the iconic Portland Head Light (which you have no doubt seen on postcards). Another interesting, highly popular attraction is the legendary Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, which is breathtakingly beautiful, especially during the warmer months. For more of our favorite, must-do interesting things to do in Maine, take a look at this article