The World’s Best Blueberry Pancakes Can Be Found Right Here In Maine

Editor’s Note: Crissy’s Breakfast & Coffee Bar has permanently closed since the publication of this article.

When you think of Maine food, what comes to mind? We’re going to go ahead and guess it was something seafood-related! With Maine’s lobster and other locally-sourced fish, it’s not surprising that most people consider Maine to be best for seafood. But, we do some other things pretty darn well also! One example? Blueberries! And, our favorite way to eat a blueberry is as breakfast! Read on for the best blueberry pancakes (Food Network agrees!) you’ll find anywhere in the world!

If you’re as wild about Maine blueberries as we are, you’ll definitely want to plan a trip to this special store. It looks like an actual blueberry!

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