The One Beach In Maine That’s Absolute Paradise If You Love Hunting For Seashells

Maine’s got a ton of coastline, which means lots of beaches to see. Whether you love laying out on the sand or exploring every inch of the rocks for tiny sea creatures, you could easily spend a week beach hopping up and down the coast. While it can get hot in Maine, the reality of the weather means that the water can be more of an icy shock than a way to cool down. When the water is just too cold to swim, we have an alternative! Spend your time walking along the edge in search of seashells. Most beaches here have shells, but East End Beach in Portland Maine always has lots of fun ones to collect.

You can access East End Beach by parking up at Fort Allen Park at the Eastern Promenade and following the trail at the bottom of the hill around until you hit the beach. Or, you can easily walk from the Old Port. There are restrooms and picnic tables here as well, making it easy to bring your lunch and spend the whole day. Click here to get directions on a map.

To learn more about Portland Paddle, which is located next to East End Beach, click here.

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