This All-Day Float Trip Will Make Your Maine Summer Complete

While Maine ocean water can be too chilly for swimming throughout most of the summer, Vacationland’s rivers, lakes and ponds never disappoint! While you can take a dip in nearly any body of water in Maine, we love the idea of making a day of it with a planned activity. This float trip in Maine is easy peasy and, best of all, how much time you spend on the river is completely up to you. Take a fun 3 hours or relax all day depending on how many times you stop along the way.

Bullfrog Adventures’ Base Camp can be found at 745 US Route 201, Caratunk. Call them on 207-672-9298. For more information, including what every trip entails and how to book check out their website. See more fun pictures and keep up to date with weather and any changes on Facebook.

Another great way to beat the heat this summer is at this natural water slide formation in Newry. These falls are beautiful, but best of all they’re slipper enough to make for some of the best slipping and sliding fun in the state!