The 3 Best Places In Maine To Go Snow Tubing This Winter

You might know where to find the best ski resorts in Maine, but what about the best tubing hills in Maine? Snow tubing in Maine is one of the most fun and most inclusive winter activities in the state. You don’t need any special skills, which makes it great for (almost!) all ages. So, when you’re ready to enjoy some snow tubing in Maine, pull on your snow pants, check out these tubing hills in Maine, and spend your day flying through the air!

So, what do you think? Are these the best places to go snow tubing in Maine? Ever visited the places mentioned above? Know of other can’t-miss tubing hills in Maine? Tell us!

Snow tubing in Maine isn’t the only option for winter fun. There are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the cold winter weather. Not sure where to start? Click here to read about one of the best ski resorts in Maine.

Address: Hermon Mountain Ski Area, 441 Newburgh Rd, Hermon, ME 04401, USA
Address: Black Mountain, Rumford, ME 04276, USA
Address: 930 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME 04062, USA
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Snow Tubing In Maine

December 14, 2021

Aside from snow tubing in Maine, what are some other fun winter activities?

Tubing hills in Maine aren’t the only perk of the winter season. There are tons of ways to get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures, including riding a snow mobile. Snowmobile enthusiasts from near and far trek to Maine to experience the state’s 3,500-mile Interconnected Trail System. The fun doesn’t end there, though. The Pine Tree State actually hosts a fest dedicated to snowmobiles. Madawaska’s International Snowmobilers Festival draws huge crowds from all over America as well as Canada. Don’t have your own snowmobile? No problem. There are several places to rent snowmobiles in Maine, including Northeast Snowmobile and ATV Rentals in Fryeburg and Flagstaff Rentals in Stratton.

Are the above locales the only tubing hills in Maine?

There are so many tubing hills in Maine that it’d be easy to overlook a few. One you don’t want to miss, though, is Mt. Jefferson Ski Area in Lee. A decades-old favorite, it’s the perfect place for some cold-weather fun. In addition to 12 skiing trails, two lifts, and a lodge with snack bar, the ski area boasts a snow tubing park with a rope tow. The snow tubing park’s hours vary from that of the ski area, so make sure to verify that it’s open prior to visiting. For more info, check out the Mt. Jefferson Ski Area. Aside from tubing hills in Maine, there are also lots of sled riding hills in Maine. One of the most popular places for sledding is Widowmaker Hill. Located in Bangor’s Essex Street Recreation Area, the hill has long been a favorite of all ages. Davenport Park and Hayford Park are also popular sledding spots in Bangor.

Where else can I enjoy snow tubing in Maine?

If you’re looking for snow tubing hills in Maine, you’re sure to love Lost Valley in Auburn. A longtime favorite, it boasts 15 trails, a terrain park, Nordic area, and “Maine’s coolest snow tubing park.” Featuring 600-foot-long groomed lanes, the snow tube park offers all the thrills of winter, minus the lessons or experience, making it a great visit for the entire family. BigRock Mountain in Mars Hill is another great place to go snow tubing in Maine. Sure to deliver some cold-weather thrills, it boasts an 800-foot-long chute that sends tubers on a high-speed adventure.

What are the best ski resorts in Maine?

There are lots of ski resorts in Maine, including the Saddleback Ski Area in Rangeley. A great place to enjoy some cold-weather thrills, the resort boasts the highest base elevation of any ski area in New England. It’s also known for its old-fashioned flair and striking views of the White Mountains and Rangeley Lakes region. The skiing opportunities are nothing to be scoffed at, either. The resort offers runs for everyone from novice skiers to the extremely experienced. Not only a great visit in the winter, the resort boasts wonderful wildflower hikes in the spring.

Address: Hermon Mountain Ski Area, 441 Newburgh Rd, Hermon, ME 04401, USA
Address: Black Mountain, Rumford, ME 04276, USA
Address: 930 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME 04062, USA