20 Images From Maine People Will Immediately Recognize

Let’s test your knowledge of Maine! If you’re from Maine, you KNOW Maine. We can see the background of a photo of two moose wearing tuxedos and giving one another high-fives and the first thing we’d notice is that Katahdin is in the background. We’re full of pride and we’d know we were in Maine even if you blindfolded us. Let’s test your visual knowledge of Maine. Below are 20 photos that people from Maine will immediately recognize. See which ones you can identify. We’ll give you the answers at the end!

Ready for the answers? 1. Palace Playland 2. Nubble Light 3. Mount Katahdin 4. L.L. Bean Bootmobile 5. Bubble Rock 6. Bangor’s Paul Bunyan Statue 7. Camden 8. The International Sign 9. Freeport 10. Cadillac Mountain 11. The Desert of Maine 12. Mud Season 13. The Maine State Seal 14. Piscataqua River Bridge 15. Old Orchard Beach Pier 16. The Bush Compound 17. The Old Port in Portland 18. The Height of Land 19. The Fryeburg Fair 20. The Big F Indian.

How many did you get right? Share this with your friends and let’s see who is the most Maine!