19 Reasons No One In Their Right Mind Visits Maine In The Winter

Mainers like to pretend they’re a hearty bunch. We laugh when other people complain about their own winters because we want you to think we’re not phased by things like cold weather. Snow? We can take it! Ice? No problem! But, sadly, the reality is that we hate it. Mainers suffer through the winter because we have to, not because we like it. In fact, being in Vacationland is pretty much awful. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few reasons why visiting Maine in the winter is the worst decision you can make.

So, take our advice. Skip it. Stay home. Don’t bother with us up here in Maine. We’ll handle things here on our own.

If you’re not from Maine, but happen to fall in love with someone there’s a good chance you’ll end up visiting in the winter. We can’t give you any advice for how to handle that (like we said, it’s terrible) but click here are some other things you should know about dating a Mainer.