11 Foods Every Mainer Craves When They Leave Maine

Leaving Maine is hard enough. But, when you think about leaving the FOOD here, things can go from hard to nearly impossible. Anyone who has tried to get a proper lobster roll in any other state, will understand. Considering a move from Vacationland? Don’t do it before reminding yourself of the foods you’ll be missing out on. Maybe you just want to know what food Maine is known for. Either way here are 10 of the foods Mainers miss most when they leave and they might be the hardest to live without!

So those are the foods Maine is known for. They maybe strange food sometimes but they belong to us and we are proud of it! For a fun laugh, check out the video of these West-Coasters actually TRYING these Maine foods for the first time! Thinking about leaving Maine is hard. Cheer yourself up by checking out these 14 hilarious memes that you’ll only understand if you’re a Mainer!

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What food is Maine known for

July 13, 2022

What food is Maine known for?

Maine has a plethora of great food. Some are obvious others are less obvious. We all know Lobster (or should we call it lobstah?) is a Maine stable, but what about some other less obvious choices. Here are some good ones you can bring up during the next family gathering, or better yet cook them up and bring them to share. First up is the fluffernutter sandwich. If you grew up in Maine on a hot summer day chances are your mother prepared this surgery and deliciously fluffy treat. People outside of Maine have never heard of putting fluff and peanut butter together under two pieces of white wonderbread. What? Peanutbutter and Jelly is so old school, go with the classic fluffernutter and you will not be disappointed. For an interesting treat head on over to Becky’s diner for a Fluffernutter french toast! Next up try yourself a red hotdog. Were not kidding, it tastes better when a hotdog is encased in a “natural” red casing. It snaps and it’s juicy on the inside. It’s mouth-watering to just think of it and we like to call them red snappers. Also, Moose meat is not the same anywhere else. There is something about finally getting a permit, hunting, and killing your very own moose and eating it. Moose stake is so much better than regular stake and in Maine, it tastes so much better. 


What are some good places to eat in Maine? 

For something a little bit more traditional We recommend taking a long weekend and do this lobster roll and lighthouse road trip. There are tons of great lobster roll places to try and it should be an amazing trip. If you find yourself in Bar Harbor you should get your seafood right from the source. There is no shortage of great seafood restaurants. In fact, it feels as though they are found in every corner. If you want a tasting of all of the freshest and best ingredients that Maine has to offer head on over to the Maine Tasting Center. Whatever you choose make sure you keep it local and then you know it will be delicious.