11 Famous Restaurants In Maine That Are So Worth Waiting In Line For

When it comes to food, most people assume we only do one thing here in Maine: Lobster. While it’s true that we serve up a mean lobster, there are plenty of other foods to rave about here in Vacationland. In fact, many of our restaurants have achieved national (and even global!) acclaim. Unsurprisingly, these places are often busy and can be hard to get into when they’re packed with visitors clamoring to get a taste of what Maine food is all about. While we typically avoid the places we think might be a little too busy and over-hyped, there are some that are absolutely worth the trouble! Today, we’ve listed a few famous restaurants that we think are popular for a reason!

How many of these places have you tried? Are they worth it? While you’re waiting for a reservation, check out these hilariously true memes about Maine!