Here Are The 11 Best Cities In Maine To Retire In

We have an idea! How about we all cash in, quit our jobs and live our lives the way life should be? If you’re one of the lucky folks already living in Maine while retired, you’re well on your way. But, the rest of us need a little inspiration for the day when we can wake up without an alarm and find new hobbies, enjoy time with friends and family and explore all that Vacationland has to offer. We’re here to offer some of that inspiration. Start thinking about the town you want to retire to, by reading through this list. HomeSnacks has put together a researched list of the best places to retire in Maine. This is based on measures including: low cost of living, low crime, things to do (measured by population density), nice weather and distance to the closest international air. The only thing left to do is…retire!

For those of you who grew up in Maine, take a trip down memory lane and see how many of these classic dishes remain a part of your everyday life!