Here Are The 10 Happiest Cities In Maine

Living in Maine can usually be an automatic cure for what ails you. But, every so often, even the saltiest of sea breezes, the greenest trees and the smiliest of people can’t get you out of a funk. When that happens, you might want to head to one of the towns on this list. Based on data that includes education, employment, short commute time, low cost of living, family life, home ownership and low poverty rate, he criteria was then measured against towns with populations higher than 2,000. Website, Zippia, then gathered together the top ten happiest towns in Maine. Take a look and find out if you already live in one. If you don’t, maybe a move is in order! Note that for each town we’ve highlighted just two criteria – percent of residents who are married and percent that own their own home. But, this is by no means, the most important indicators for happiness. We all know that ice cream is the most important thing.

Another interesting way to review Maine towns is by how fast they’re growing. Here’s a list of the top ten fastest growing towns in the state.