Fall Is Coming And These Are The 10 Best Places To See The Changing Leaves In Maine

Early in the morning you can feel the chilly air. The sun goes down just a bit earlier and there’s a certain kind of breeze that wasn’t here a few weeks ago. It means that fall is on the way! Rather than be sad about summer taking its leave, let’s be excited about the incredible fall foliage we’re about to see. If you’d like to maximize the views this year, take your leaf peepin’ to these special places. They might just be the best places to see fall foliage in Maine.

Where’s your favorite place to check out the changing leaves in Maine. Head over to Facebook to let us know. And, when you see it be sure to share your photos with the Maine Nature Lovers Facebook group! More good news? The fall foliage this year is expected to be even more incredible than last year. Learn all about what to expect and why by reading this article.