3 Waterfront Cottages To Stay In For A Picture Perfect False River Getaway In Louisiana

There is more to life in Louisiana than crawfish boils, bayous, and alligators. There is the vibrant city of New Orleans, of course, and Mardi Gras. And there is False River, which is actually a lake! False River used to be the main channel of the Mississippi River before the river changed course and left behind this lake. Boating, fishing, and swimming are popular here. Why don’t you find a waterfront cottage to your liking and stay awhile? You’ll be glad you did.

So, check out these three waterfront cottages for a picture-perfect False River getaway in Louisiana. Choose your favorite cottage, or stay at a different one each time you visit. You know you’ll want to come back!

Have you stayed at a cottage on False River? Share your thoughts with us!

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Address: Oscar, LA 70762, USA
Address: Oscar, LA 70762, USA
Address: Jarreau, LA 70749, USA