Your Tastebuds Will Go Crazy For This Amazing Taco Trail In Louisiana

Who doesn’t love a good taco? They’re so simple, yet so delicious. Finding the right place that gets your taco perfect can be a bit of a challenge. There has to be the perfect blend of spices on the meat, the salsa has to have a bit of a kick to it, and of course, the tortilla needs to be able to contain all the goodness. There are certainly no shortage of places to get a good taco in Louisiana, and that’s why we’ve created a little taco trail of some of the places serving the best tacos around.

Since the road trip is almost 6 hours as it is, we had to limit it to the southern part of Louisiana. Don’t worry, northern Louisiana, your list is coming soon!

Was your favorite eatery on the list? We know there are a ton of other fantastic places to grab a taco, so if your favorite place didn’t make the list, add it to the comments below!