The Spooky Legend Behind This Louisiana House Will Keep You Up At Night

The Gardette-LePrete house, Sultan House, House of the Turks…for years there have been stories circulating about the history of this place. Who knows if it’s oral tradition changing throughout the years, or embellishments of tour guides with strong imaginations? While the details may vary, they all tell the tale of a gruesome mass murder. Let’s take a look at the history behind the Gardette-LePrete house, and see what you think.

The house has had several owners over the years, but some say that the Sultan stayed behind, unable to move on. People have reported hearing music coming from the house, and often smell incense around the area. Others have heard screams, heard footsteps, even seen figures walking around. Some claim to have seen the Sultan himself walking the halls.

Today, the “Sultan’s Palace” is a private residence. While you cannot go inside, you can take a number of ghost tours that pass by the area and retell the story. Check it out for yourself, at 715 Dauphine St. New Orleans, LA 70116

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