11 Reasons You Can Be Proud To Call Louisiana Home

We may not always rank the highest in the country in national measures. Our politicians are not always as honest as we’d like. But Louisiana has a ton to be proud of! What we lack in statistics, we make up for in food, music, and culture. Living in Louisiana is special and you should be proud to call it your home state! Here are a few fun reasons to love Louisiana.

That’s just a few of the many things we’ve got to be proud of here in Creole country. What makes you proud to be living in Louisiana? Tell us in the comments!

Address: Louisiana, USA
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Living In Louisiana

August 09, 2021

What are some good things about living in Louisiana?

Well, for one, we’ve got awesome sports teams and fantastic people. We don’t have to shovel snow. Our food is absolutely incredible! I mean, the jambalaya and gumbo alone are wroth staying for. Need more reasons to love Louisiana? Check out this list of ways living in Louisiana ruins you for life – it may be funny, but it’s also very true, as any Cajun can attest!

What are some fun facts about Louisiana?

We’ve got a long and varied history here! And we’re so unique you’d swear we have our own language. Did you know our 34-foot tall state Capitol is the tallest in the nation? We were also the first state to hold an opera! Check out this list of Louisiana trivia you might not know!

What are some great places to enjoy life in Louisiana?

There are so many fantastic cities in Louisiana! We’ve got a whole list (complete with reasons!) of the ten best places to live depending on what you’re looking for. Looking for some adorable small towns? We’ve got those!


Address: Louisiana, USA