14 Pictures From The Louisiana Flood The Mainstream Media Missed

As the water has slowly receded and thousands of Louisianians are now faced with having to start over their lives from scratch, it’s certainly a difficult time in our state. To put salt on the wound, it felt like a lot of the major news sources from around the country weren’t focusing on the real human suffering that has happened from this storm.

Luckily, we have a team of truly amazing photographers that have gotten to work commemorating and sharing the stories of those who are now working to rebuild their lives. The group of Collin Richie, Frank McMains, David Morris, Kristin Basilica, and Daniel Jones did some video segments and created a Facebook Page, Humans of the Water. They captured some heartbreaking and beautiful moments of the flood recovery. Here are just a few of their pictures:

I feel so grateful to the photographers of Humans of the Water for doing this work of documenting and sharing the stories of those that are still in recovery mode. It’s truly heartbreaking and beautiful. Share below if you have your own photos and stories you want the world to know about.