What Happened Inside This Building In Louisiana Will Give You Nightmares

One of the most notorious haunted places in Louisiana is the former Caddo Parish Penal Colony, aka “The Pea Farm.” Built on the former plantation of Lieutenant Governor Caesar Carpentier Antoine, the correctional facility was meant to be ‘self-sufficient’, meaning that the work inmates did on the farm portion of the prison was supposed to fund the facility. Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way. Rumors of prisoners working 12 hour days in the blistering Louisiana summer heat along with numerous prisoners being shackled to walls or tortured in an on-site electric chair haunt the memory of this prison. According to investigators, it’s the old women’s section where the most heinous crimes took place. Check out the tour below…if you dare!

Nowadays, if you want to visit the farm you must be cautious as there have been some reports of criminals hiding out in the abandoned building. It’s also technically owned by GE nextdoor, and they have been known to call the cops on those who trespass. Explore at your own risk! Have you ever been to the Pea Farm? Let us know your experience there in the comments below!