Frey Smoked Meat Co. Is A Mouthwatering New Orleans Restaurant With 4 Different Kinds Of Mac And Cheese

If you’re a big fan of mac ‘n’ cheese, then trying it at every restaurant is a must. Thankfully, some dining options provide multiple kinds, making for an extra cheesy dining experience. There are hundreds of different kinds of mac and cheese, but Frey Smoked Meat Co serves four of them in New Orleans. If you’re on a mission to try every bite, then bookmark Frey for a future visit.

If you’d like to keep an eye on updates, specials, and more, check out the official Frey Smoked Meat Co. Facebook page. Otherwise, visit the official website for further information and a full menu.

Address: Frey Smoked Meat Co., 4141 Bienville St #110, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA