From still countrysides to bustling cities, Louisiana boasts of awe inspiring scenery that is sure to mesmerize you. Whether you’re exploring the state’s many parks on a spontaneous day trip or picnicking beside the Mississippi River, Louisiana is sure to provide its unique beauty. Here are some of the most scenic places in Louisiana that you need to visit, as well as links to even more beautiful photos of these jaw dropping destinations.

There you have it folks! With all of these places to explore in Louisiana, there’s no time to lose. No matter where you choose to roam, you’re sure to appreciate the magic of your surroundings.

Have you ever visited any of these locations? Any other suggestions of the most scenic places in Louisiana? Let us know in the comments below!

And to learn more about one of these beautiful places, take a closer look at the largest lake in Louisiana.

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most scenic places in Louisiana

Which state parks should I visit in Louisiana?

There are 21 state parks peppered throughout Louisiana, and each one is worthy of a visit. If you’re looking to fish, you can’t go wrong with North or South Toledo Bend State Park or Grand Isle State Park. Each of these parks is world-renown for their fishing opportunities and epic scenery. If you’re a sunset chaser, be sure to visit Cypremort Point State Park. Located along the Vermilion River, this little park has some of the best sunset views around, a little stretch of beach to sink your toes into, and a lovely pier to fish off of.

What places in Louisiana should I see before I die?

No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll find it in Louisiana. Of course, one of the biggest attractions in Louisiana everyone should see before they die is the Atchafalaya River Basin, the largest river-swamp in the country. With nearly million acres of marshes, bayous, swamps, and forests, it’s easily one of the most picture-perfect places in Louisiana. If you head north from the Atchafalaya, you’ll find yourself in the Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana’s only national forest. With over 600,000 acres and hundreds of primitive trails to explore, the Kisatchie appeals to nature lovers of all experience levels.

Which hidden gems in Louisiana should I visit?

From tiny towns to neighborhood restaurants, there are countless hidden gems in Louisiana that you should visit. For the adrenaline junkie, a visit to Gators & Friends is a must. Located near Shreveport, this hidden gem is part alligator farm, part petting zoo, and part adventure park. One of the highlights to your visit will be taking the epic 7-part zipline that will have you soaring over the park, including flying over the live alligator pond. Think you’re brave enough?