This Footage Shows Louisiana Life In The 1830s And It’s SO Different

If you’ve been looking for a true blast from the past in Louisiana, this is a video for you. There are so many interesting things about this video. First of all, it was made in 1941 and created to depict life in Louisiana during 1830-1850.

There are a lot of things about life in that time that might be shocking to you—but I can tell you there are things in this video that you do not want to miss. Check out this incredible video showing life from the 1830s. You won’t be disappointed!

Can you believe some of the stuff that was in that video? What did you think of the way they depicted life back then? There were some things I just couldn’t believe. Not only has Louisiana changed so much—but even our way of thinking about the past has completely transformed. It’s fascinating to me. Did anything about the video surprise you? Let us know what you thought in the comments below. We love to hear your feedback!

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