Moments Before Drowning In Louisiana Flood Waters, A Woman And Her Dog Were Miraculously Saved

Torrential rain and severe storms have been hammering Louisiana since Friday, resulting in historically catastrophic floods that have killed at least three people and displaced thousands of others. Baton Rouge alone received at least 11 inches of rain in a 24-hour period.

During this severe rainfall, a Baton Rouge woman and her dog had a brush with death. They were both outside during the storms and ended up becoming trapped inside of her convertible. When she was found, the car was partially submerged in floodwaters, but was sinking fast. She was already making an effort to get out of the vehicle and was struggling against the pressure of the water. At one point, the rescue boat team recorded her saying, “oh God, I’m drowning.”

Thankfully, her rescuers were quick to take action and recorded the following nail-biting rescue:

If this rescue crew didn’t appear on scene, both this woman and her dog most likely would have perished. May all of the emergency response teams working to help people in Louisiana stay safe themselves!