Fall Is Coming And These Are The 6 Best Places To See The Changing Leaves In Louisiana

It may not feel like it, but in just a few weeks we will (hopefully) be in the cooler months of autumn. While we may not have the vibrant display of fall foliage that say, New England is known for, Louisiana does have some areas where you can see the leaves changing, you just need to know where (and when) to look.

According to smokymountains.com, Louisiana won’t start to see the leaves changing until the end of October, and even then it would be pretty patchy. For peak colors, it looks like we’ll have to wait until mid-November. In the meantime, you can plan out a fun little road trip with the destinations listed below so you can go leaf peeping like a pro.

Here are some of our favorite spots in Louisiana to check out the changing leaves.

Where’s your favorite spot to view the fall colors? Let us know in the comments below!