This Charming Town in Louisiana Is Perfect For A Summer Day Trip

Hidden north of Baton Rouge in West Feliciana parish, there’s a small little town that packs a lot of punch. Some say that this is the most gorgeous and scenic area in all of Louisiana, and people who live around here don’t disagree. That’s right, St. Francisville continues to be one of the most popular places to visit in all of Louisiana. It’s the perfect place for you to take a summer day trip or plan a weekend getaway.

St. Francisville is a gorgeous place to spend a day—or truly two or three. There is something for everyone in this tiny town. There’s gorgeous nature, such as Cat Island Nature Preserve, home to the largest tree east of the Sierra Nevadas, as well as Tunica Hills/Clark’s Creek Nature Preserve, one of the only natural waterfalls in the entire area. So, a great way to start your day in the town is to take an awesome hike.

Then, stop for a bite at one of the great St. Francisville restaurants in the downtown area, and you’ll also get a glimpse at all the awesome shopping the area has to offer. There are quite a few notable antique stores that have an array of vintage and vernacular objects that are sure to delight you.

Finally, you can end your day soaking up all of the incredible and fascinating history of St. Francisville, including some very beautiful churches, as well as some of the most gorgeous plantation homes in all of Louisiana. There is an amazing combination of Spanish moss swaddled oak trees and unique Victorian-hybrid homes that have an architectural style you simply won’t find anywhere else. Some of these places are even said to be haunted, so make sure you don’t visit alone! You can take tours of these homes as well as stay in them for the night. Plus, a number of them offer really delicious foods to enjoy. It all makes for an amazing day trip!

Have you ever taken a day trip to a place like St. Francisville? Are you planning one soon? What’s your favorite attraction in this sweet Louisiana town? Let us know where you love to go. We love to hear your stories.