The Top 10 Louisiana School Districts

Louisiana has struggled throughout history to create a public school system that fairly and completely serves the residents of the state. Since Katrina, an influx of new educational experimentation has began in New Orleans and has spread to different areas of the state. This ushered in a wave of charter schools that are beginning to make an impact on the overall school landscape.

There are a lot of different ways you could create this list. We decided to focus not just on which districts had the highest averages overall, but also which areas had the highest number of “A” rated schools over all. We only used schools districts with 7 or more schools. This also helped to lessen the effect of the smaller districts that are housed within large population areas.  Our calculation was created by weighing the state district score 75%, and the percentage of schools with an “A” rating as 25%.

Well, that’s our list. Let us know where you think the best schools are in the comments below!

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