These 11 Hole In The Wall BBQ Restaurants In Louisiana Are Great Places To Eat

Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to barbecue, particularly when it comes to the sauce. Are you more of a Carolina Sauce person, or a Kansas sauce person? Or maybe you’re a Memphis sauce person. Whatever type of sauce you like, you may have wondered where you can get the best BBQ in Louisiana. Well, we’ve got your back! Below we’ve listed some of the best restaurants in Louisiana where you can get finger-licking-good BBQ. Let’s check it out.

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Did your favorite barbecue joint make the list of best BBQ restaurants in Louisiana? Want to add a restaurant to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best BBQ Restaurants In Louisiana

September 13, 2019

Is Louisiana known for BBQ?

Louisiana is known for many different types of food, but BBQ isn’t one of them. While the Pelican State is certainly known for incredible Creole and Cajun cuisine, BBQ doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of Louisiana cuisine. Even though Louisiana isn’t known for BBQ, we do have countless local restaurants in Louisiana peppered throughout the state that are serving some incredible BBQ.

What style of BBQ can be found in Louisiana?

You can find every different style of BBQ in Louisiana. From North Carolina to Alabama, Louisiana has several restaurants that are serving multiple different styles of BBQ. So no matter whether you prefer a vinegar or a white sauce, there’s a restaurant in the state doing it and they are the best BBQ restaurants in Louisiana.

What are the other best hole in the wall restaurants in Louisiana?

Sometimes the most incredible restaurants can be hiding behind unassuming exteriors. They’re often the places that will remember your face and welcome you like family, adding a memorable moment to an already incredible meal. Some of the best hole in the wall restaurants in Louisiana include Herby-K’s in Shreveport, Bear’s in Covington, and Red’s in New Orleans.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.