Nobody Knows Why This Perfectly Preserved American Farmhouse Was Abandoned With Everything Inside

There’s something eerily beautiful about this abandoned preserved farmhouse in the country that has been frozen in time. Practically everything has been left in place. In fact, it almost feels like the owners may return at any moment.

Read on to learn more about the site, and check out the hauntingly lovely images captured at this abandoned home by Flickr user Forsaken Fotos. You’ll feel like you’re actually inside this oddly beautiful house, and it will make you want to visit, too!

This abandoned preserved farmhouse in America definitely has a story to tell. Did you find this house to be fascinating? What was the most interesting part? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Flickr user Forsaken Fotos for the stunning photography featured above.

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Address: United States, United States
The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Preserved Farmhouse

March 23, 2021

Are there a lot of abandoned houses in America?

There are ton of abandoned homes, all throughout the country! In fact, you’ll find that America has over 17 million abandoned properties. That’s around the population of New York City! And more than that, we have hundreds of real live ghost towns in our country, where people just packed up and left.

Which city has the most abandoned homes?

Gary, Indiana has the highest amount of abandoned homes, at 19.4% of the entirety of the houses in the city vacant. 

Address: United States, United States