The 9 Best Places To Hide In Kentucky In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies have always been a source for entertainment, even before 1985’s Return of the Living Dead was “set” in Louisville or 2004’s Zombie Planet, filmed in Lexington. Television series such as Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead have become overnight cult favorites, and Louisville even has a huge zombie walk every August with thousands of participants. Zombies and zombie hunters have became celebrities, and now some people are concerned there could be a real zombie crisis some day. CBC errors and secretive maneuvers over the past decade likely help provide encouragement, even for someone with a slight imagination.

We all need to know to seek out somewhere safe if the crisis of a zombie apocalypse ever occurs. This list has been comprised with the safety and sanity of all zombie fighting or fearing Kentuckians in mind:

Most Kentuckians see the zombie apocalypse as mere entertainment, but for those that believe, these are possible safe zones. Concerned citizens can get helpful tips, along with creating and becoming a part of a zombie apocalypse survival group.  Those concerned with their possessions and vehicle during any undead outbreaks can reach out for zombie apocalypse insurance.  I welcome the comments of readers who offer other safe from zombie zones, or ideas.

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