These 12 Towns In Kentucky Have The Worst Drivers In The State

Kentucky has some great drivers, and some not so great drivers. I’m sure at some point we all feel like our community has the worst drivers in the state. Like myself, you might be correct, depending on where you live. This article is all about Kentucky’s worse drivers, or those who suffer an extremely high number of accident related coincidences. I decided to focus on cities containing 10,000 to 19,999 residents, with the exclusion of Louisville and Lexington, our two largest cities. The data was provided by a University of Kentucky study based on 5+ years of research collected by state police and other law enforcement offices.

Here are Kentucky’s 12 highest accident rated cities:

Here are the charts if your curious abut the rest of our cities, including the formula used for acquiring the data.

If you live in one of these places and wondered why your insurance was high, now you know. If you have a great rate, you are among the fortunate, count your blessings. If your city wasn’t listed, it likely rated well, or was in a different population bracket. Not all accidents are because of a human error, some are machinery malfunctions, road hazards, and more.  If you think your community has an unusually high accident range, or are proud of a low percentage of accidents, please comment.

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