Bizarre Circumstances, History, And Mystery Combine At The Witches’ Tree In Kentucky

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Kentucky is filled with them and many of these tales have historic roots. Louisville is filled with mysteries and urban legends and one of the most famous is that of the Witches’ Tree. Located in Old Louisville among historic homes and picturesque street corners, this knobby, twisted tree comes with a bizarre story and the history and mystery surrounding it have made it an iconic spot in the city. If you’re unfamiliar with the Witches’ Tree in Kentucky, step back in time with us to the late 1800s and learn about this mysterious place in the Bluegrass.

Hear more about the Witches’ Tree in Kentucky in this short and informative video that takes you there:

The Bluegrass State is the setting of countless ghost stories, unsolved mysteries, and urban legends, and most of them are just fun – and a little thrilling – to learn about. Whether or not you believe in the bizarre story of the Witches’ Tree in Kentucky, you may not want to mess with it or any of the trinkets left on it, because its witch-ly ties aren’t worth the risk. Have you heard of this mysterious tree in Kentucky? Do you believe the legend? Let us know in the comments!

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