From Snake Yoga To Salamander Show-And-Tell, Kentucky Herpetological Society Is A Wild Day Trip For Reptile Lovers

While most people shy away from the creepy-crawly, cold-blooded members of the animal kingdom, for some, reptiles are pretty much the coolest creatures ever. We fall into this latter camp, embracing *all* creatures, great and small. And the Kentucky Herpetological Society agrees. This Louisville attraction is a non-profit reptile and amphibian hobbyist group that makes the world’s wildest animals fun and accessible. Offering everything from snake yoga to salamander show-and-tell, the Kentucky Herpetological Society is a wild day trip for reptile lovers.

Have you ever heard about the Kentucky Herpetological Society before? Would you participate in snake yoga? Share your thoughts on these extraordinary ectotherms in the comments below!

Address: 3475 Illinois Ave, Louisville, KY 40213, USA

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