15 Reasons Why Anyone Who Hates Kentucky Can Just Shut Up

The Bluegrass State is horribly underrated and underappreciated by those in other states. As a proud people, we grow to recognize Kentucky’s haters pretty easily. These unhappy individuals often cause us to ponder, “Why all the hate?” We have an abundance of beauty, culture and “unbridled spirit” to offer visitors and residents. Kentucky overflows with breathtaking nature scenes all across the state. Not to mention, we provided the world with some pretty unforgettable things and people. It seems unfathomable to me, but Kentucky’s haters still exist.

Research has shown few things stop Kentucky’s haters from hating… but here are 15 reasons our unbridled spirit flourishes:

2. Our diversity, offering unique areas from border to border.


1. Cumberland Falls, home of the most frequently seen moon bow in the Western Hemisphere.

These are just a few things that emanate Kentucky’s unbridled spirit, but there is so much more to love about the Bluegrass State. What would you suggest to make Kentucky’s haters see the light?